About Us

We are a member driven club that's just forming and we're looking for your input. Our founder is John Matthews, owner of TMS Racing, Inc. a Mesa, AZ based karting business established in 2004. John began kart racing back in 1977 and has been passionate about motorsports for as long as he remembers.

Engine Choices

Due to overwhelming feedback we've standardized on the Briggs Animal Local Option 206 engine which provides an excellent value and established class structures. More info on this engine is available at http://briggsracing.com/latest_news/Local_206_ad.pdf the cost of a complete engine package ready to bolt onto your chassis is ~$700, less than half what a comprable 2-cycle engine package costs. Of course if you have another engine we're not going to turn you away but We'll be evaluating any other engines and may impose additional restrictions to keep the racing equal.


Our class structure is based on the IKF rulebook with a few "local option" changes. There will be four basic classes which will run together but will be scored seperately.
JR I. Briggs Gas Animal Light at 240 lbs, with IKF Gold Restrictor, age 8-11 JR II. Briggs Gas Animal at 310 lbs, age 12-15   Briggs Gas Animal at 350lbs, age 16-up      Masters - Briggs Gas Animal at 390lbs age 39-up 

They will all run the LO206 engine on gas with no modifications allowed. Seals will be checked and cylinder head may be teched using standard Stock Briggs Animal rules. 4-cycle style bodywork is allowed locally although CIK type is required at IKF events. Tires will be either Bridgestone YHC or MG Yellow but should not be new (this is to allow for use of "take-off" tires from other classes but as we go forward a new harder spec tire may be required). Engines other than the LO206 will be allowed on a case by case basis and as stated above will be evaluated as to their equality with the spec package given driver skill and set-up ability. Also since this is intended to be a "sportsman" type club any driver who is consistently 2 or more seconds faster than the average lap time may be asked to move up to the next class or be required to run with additional weight and/or restrictors.    

What about that "Clone" engine I've been hearing about

We welcome clones built to the "Box Stock Project" or "Superbox" spec. More info is available at http://karting.4cycle.com/forumdisplay.php?f=120 on how to prepare these engines for racing. We're open to all colors of clone or OEM Honda but any modification designed to raise the rpm beyond where the stock valve springs float ~5500rpm will require a billet flywheel. Please Note: Some of our prospective tracks may not allow the clone engine at all so please keep this in mind for the future.

Check back frequently for more information.